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  • A campaign mode with 30 levels
  • Stunning 3-D visuals and sound effects
  • Leaderboard functionality
  • Various puzzle modes (survival and random level)
  • Game Center integration
  • In-App shop with bonuses and different skins
Puzzle game, Casual game

A mad retired general named Boris has hidden a devastating acid vaccine on a secret base, and surrounded it with dozens of deadly minefields far out of the reach of any government or army.

There’s only one man standing in the way of Boris’dream of creating a super-bomb and enslaving the entire world: a crazy sapper named Max!

You’ll need to use your wits and solve a variety brain-bending logic puzzles to help Max avoid threats and dangers, including: swamps, gas clouds, aircrafting, machine gunners in bunkers, and of course, dozens of deadly hidden mines.

But don’t worry – you’ll have some help along the way, because you can have Max pick up grenades, med kits, helmets, body armor and money to buy needed equipment.

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